YouTube is where the audiences are. But for so many marketers, the vast platform can be a little intimidating. It’s easy to see how an individual video, or an individual campaign, is performing — and while that’s great, it can be tricky to understand the 10,000 mile view of a YouTube strategy.

That challenge has a lot of marketers asking themselves questions they can’t answer. Am I making a splash in my industry’s video space? Am I grabbing more attention than the competition? What strategies are my competitors using to drive success and how are they investing in YouTube advertising?

So, we got to work trying to help our customers understand their overall presence and performance on YouTube. BrandTrack is what we came up with.

Built into PixabilityONE, BrandTrack is the first interactive dashboard of its kind, enabling marketers to benchmark and measure their performance and presence on YouTube. The dashboard is capable of tracking:

  • channel growth
  • estimated TrueView paid media spend of competitors
  • positive/negative sentiment toward brand presence
  • top videos by industry

It also provides best practices metrics based on the most successful publishing tactics used in each specific industry, so marketers can optimize their YouTube efforts.

So far, we’ve heard from customers that they love being able to understand their YouTube strategy through high-level benchmarks, and seeing an estimate of TrueView spending by competitors has proven critical to planning. “BrandTrack has been a tremendous resource as we continue to evolve NARS’s strategy on YouTube,” said Dina Fierro, Vice President Global Digital Strategy and Social Engagement at NARS Cosmetics. “It’s a single dashboard solution that offers comprehensive platform data and rich competitive intelligence, all of which informs our approach to brand content, influencer collaborations and media.”

Check out our video announcing the launch of BrandTrack, featuring a special guest:

And if you’d like to learn more about BrandTrack, we’d love to walk you through a demo.