“Why Pixability?”
That’s often the first thing that I hear from industry colleagues — at least, colleagues that haven’t yet had the opportunity to work with Pixability. In today’s seemingly crowded video adtech/martech space, these colleagues wonder what’s unique about Pixability and its platform, and why I signed on as CEO.
During my 15 years working in the digital video space, I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter many innovative video advertising/marketing technology companies, including Facebook, Celtra, KickApps and Maven Networks. Throughout my tenure, the one thing that remains the same is the swift pace of change — today, the industry and consumer behavior are evolving faster than ever before. Market forces are quickly driving significant brand investment and audience eyeballs toward digital video, specifically to the two major social video powerhouses. Facebook and YouTube together are capturing the lion’s share of this rapid growth, predicted to attract 56.8% of digital ad investment in 2018. They’ve proven themselves as highly engaging to audiences, and highly adept at helping brands and marketers connect with the most relevant consumers for their products and services.
Looking ahead, the next wave of growth in digital will come from TV advertisers looking for brand-safe video content on digital — concurrently, brands will continue to bring their marketing in-house, while brands and agencies across the board will continue to demand self-service solutions.
I saw there was an clear need for a platform that could unite these trends and streamline how advertisers reach and engage consumers through digital video. I believe Pixability is this platform, and I believe the company will be at the forefront of the evolving video industry.
Pixability is uniquely positioned in a number of key ways:

  • We’re hyper-focused on the largest opportunity in video advertising. Pixability has long-standing video expertise across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. At the core of Pixability’s platform are unique IP and machine learning capabilities that can deliver the highest ROI for brands/agencies.
  • Pixability was born as a YouTube video analytics company, and took strides to patent algorithms to analyze and measure massive amounts of data that help marketers uncover the real effectiveness of their video campaigns. As the company evolved, it layered capabilities on top of its machine learning platform to use contextual data for brand-safe video planning, buying, and reporting — delivering video performance and results that fuel its rapid growth.
  • Pixability also just launched its self-service platform — a software model I’ve spent my career in — which will allow the business to continue to scale and provide more value to our customers. The company is recognized as one of only five global YouTube Measurement Program partners, and was named the most innovative video platform in the world by Google in 2017.

There simply isn’t another technology platform that’s as laser-focused on video data as Pixability. As the video industry continues to evolve, the company is well-positioned to bring its technology capabilities to additional social video and OTT channels, ensuring marketers’ investments are being used effectively.
Of course, the team itself is the company’s greatest asset. The company has created a culture of empowerment, where at every level, the team understands the opportunity that Pixability has to capture a leadership position within the evolving video industry. At Pixability, we’re not only focused on innovating around our unique technological offering, but we’re obsessed with — and good at — keeping our customers happy. We’re proud to support some of the world’s leading brands and agencies in their mission to reach the right consumers with their message.
Pixability has been on an upward trajectory for some time, but 2018 is the year that we make our mark on the industry. I couldn’t be more excited to work closely with our customers, partners, and the ecosystem to make video advertising the most effective medium for our global clients, and relevant for the consumers of their media.