Audience eyeballs and ad dollars are increasingly moving to Google and Facebook — in fact, GroupM estimates that the duopoly attracted 84% of digital advertising dollars in 2017 — but managing video campaigns across these platforms remains a significant challenge for advertisers.
Dissimilar ad formats, creative sizes, view definitions, and targeting parameters mean that advertisers struggle to drive the most impact for their media dollars. In addition, these differences often mean that campaigns end up siloed, making it impossible to optimize strategies across platforms. Standard buying tools and can also be a major headache, lacking granular options for contextual targeting — and while it’s good that platforms are constantly innovating, this means that standard tools were built for display advertising, with unneeded complexity for video-focused buying. Time-strapped media professionals can’t always invest in developing a sophisticated cross-platform video strategy, or maximize performance by optimizing in-flight. And reporting in an apples-to-apples way is near-impossible.
So, to help marketers get more out of their video ad buys, Pixability has developed the industry’s first self-service ad buying platform for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The solution empowers advertisers to seamlessly plan their campaign strategy, reach the right audience for their advertising, and measure the impact of their spend across platforms. Built with scalable brand suitability capabilities in mind, Pixability puts cross-platform performance at marketer’s fingertips, empowering them to make an impact on the right audiences across the platforms that matter most.
Check out our press release to learn more, and watch the video below to understand how you can maximize the impact of your video ad campaigns with Pixability’s self-serve software.