At Pixability, we obsess over our customers — in fact, it’s one of the main tenets of our culture code. Our team works hard to earn our customer’s trust, and keep it. So, we’ve always been committed to ensuring that our video metrics are precise, derived from the highest quality methodology, and are easily understood by our customers.

Our commitment has paid off, as YouTube has chosen Pixability as one of the first partners in the new YouTube Measurement Program. The program ensures that companies using the YouTube API Services are providing consistently verified YouTube measurement data, and requires partners to pass a rigorous certification process. By selecting Pixability as one of the first partners of the Measurement Program, YouTube confirms that our reporting carries the highest quality methodology, accuracy in calculations, and clarity in metric definitions. Combined with our recent partnership with Moat — which provides third party verification of our campaign data and advanced viewability metrics — the Pixability solution is more sophisticated than ever before, providing our customers with the highest level of accuracy and clarity for their video campaign measurement.

We’ve been building tools to uncover insights and drive marketing performance since YouTube’s early days. We harvest more accurate data more frequently than our competitors, and process this data with more advanced algorithms, currently harvesting and analyzing close to 6M YouTube channels — 7X more YouTube channels than our closest competitors.

We’re proud to be selected as one of the first partners in the new YouTube Measurement Program, and will continue to provide consistently accurate data and analysis to the brand and agency advertisers who trust Pixability with their digital video campaigns.

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